A Tasty Volume

If I was ever asked to produce a list of three favourite ways of spending my free time, it would probably end up looking like this;

Music Books Food
Imagine my surprise then when I recently unearthed this little item; A cookery book published via Rega Electronics. Rega are of course responsible for possibly the best budget turntable line ever made, the Planar. I have owned several of these fantastic record spinners over the past quarter century and can certainly attest to their well-earned reputation for digging out huge amounts of hitherto unheard sonic detail from vinyl discs.

I have tried in vain to find out more about this curious publication as it contains no information other than giving 1991 as it’s year of publication. A search for the author, Pamela Clift has also drawn a blank but I presume she was involved in running the company at some stage as she recounts several amusing anecdotes which occured at various Hi-Fi demonstrations over the years.

The recipes themselves are fairly typical examples of the kind of food you would expect to find served at late 1980s middle class dinner parties throughout the Home Counties and offer no real surprises. The photography veers between garish and insipid, rendering even the tastiest sounding dishes unappetising and the font used is spectacularly amateurish. What makes this book worth the slender price of admission however is the cover which depicts slices of beautifully pink Marget de Canard duck breasts with a blueberry, raspberry and coriander leaf accompaniment – all served on the glass platter of a Planar 3 turntable!

Entertaining Rega Cover

I can’t ever see this volume becoming a highly sought after collector’s item but it’s cover photograph has most definitely earned it a place on my bookshelf.

NOTE – Using your prized turntable as a serving platter may lead to all manner of food/audio discrepancies and is therefore not recommended under any circumstances.


2 thoughts on “A Tasty Volume

  1. lestaret 23/02/2013 / 10:18 pm

    Excellent find my man. I like the discolouration as the ink has faded – a nice element that makes it just that bit more “special” if you know what I mean.

    I especially like the paper note image at the start of this post – it must have took you ages…


    • unsubscriber 23/02/2013 / 11:08 pm

      It’s a strange book which has pretty much nothing going for it but ultimately, it has a kind of odd charm. Glad you liked the cover shot. I half cheated on the note though and ended up doing the words digitally, I tend to obsess over the strangest things!


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