Something is Sucking the Human Mind Dry!

The recent installation of a new bookcase in my lounge has spurred me on to track down copies of a few books which I thought were glaring omissions from my collection. I decided to hit eBay and see if I could pick up anything for a decent price and was astounded to find a dozen or so titles nearing the end of their respective auctions with no bidding activity. I duly placed my best offers and eagerly awaited the frustrating last minute race to the close. In the space of twenty four hours I had been successful in a total of nine auctions with only a single book requiring several additional bids within my allotted price range. And then the waiting began…

This morning saw the first batch of books arrive by courier, I couldn’t have been happier opening the package and sorting through the contents. I thought I’d photograph some of the best covers and post them here as I always tend to buy early printings for their strange, outlandish period artwork. Here’s the first volume – The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson which was first published in 1967. This is the second reprint from 1969 by Panther and features a marvellously lurid cover which depicts an interpretation of one of the titular malignant beings;

Wilson Mind Parasites CoverWilson Mind Parasites Rear


2 thoughts on “Something is Sucking the Human Mind Dry!

    • unsubscriber 14/05/2013 / 7:47 pm

      I had a feeling you’d appreciate this one as an aficionado of the human cranial region Mr Lestaret.


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