The New Formula Was Taking Effect. His Mind Was Changing…

Formula 29X – Pel Torro

One of the many hundreds of books penned by the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe under a rather odd pseudonym. Other pen names included Bron Fane, Olaf Trent, Othello Baron, Elton T. Neef, René Rolant, Deutero Spartacus and Oben Leterth. This is the first UK paperback edition from 1963 published by Badger Books which was retitled Beyond The Barrier of Space for all subsequent reprints.

Inside its musty, age-speckled pages is a cautionary tale involving the titular personality changing formula and its exploitation at the hands of an unscrupulous government. The excellent cover art is uncredited unfortunately, although I’ve found this to be the case for most pulp novels of this vintage. My copy is a little torn and dog eared but otherwise in surprisingly good condition for its advanced years.

Formula 29X Front

Formula 29X Rear

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