Rural Weird Inspired Mail Art From The Ministry Of Lestaret

The surly postman often brings me a variety of wonderful objects which almost make up for the bills, flyers and junk mail he litters my hallway with each morning. Recently he has been delivering dozens of old books, the result of a rather good run of eBay auctions. Last Friday however, he dropped something through the letterbox which was wholly unexpected but highly desirable.

I occasionally receive pieces of fantastic mail art from a rather talented chap called Lestaret. His envelopes are instantly recognisable due to the elaborate decorations they bear and always bring a smile to my face as I carefully prise them open in the knowledge that another beautifully constructed curio awaits my attention. Inside this envelope was a most intriguing little handmade book which, according to the stamp affixed to the rear cover was inspired by my recent Rural Weird mix (here).

Lestaret Rural Weird Stamp

The book measures a little over 11×8 cm, has covers made from corrugated cardboard and is stab bound with a rough twine. The five leaves within appear to have been recycled from another volume and are overprinted with strange monochrome images, the final page features lyrics from the old English folk song John Barleycorn. It’s all very wonderfully, rurally weird.

Lestaret Rural Weird Book Cover

Lestaret Rural Weird Book Pages

Lestaret has a blog (here) which documents his many artistic endeavours and is highly recommended reading. He also has an online shop (here) that stocks some of the pieces which he produces, his up-cycled computer key and guitar knob badges are an essential purchase. This tiny volume is not for sale however and is a limited edition of just five, all of which have been posted to lucky recipients around the world. I feel very honoured to have provided the inspiration for this beautiful piece of patented curiology as issued by The Ministry of Lestaret.


3 thoughts on “Rural Weird Inspired Mail Art From The Ministry Of Lestaret

  1. lestaret 13/06/2013 / 8:51 pm

    Dear Mr. Unsubscriber,

    It has been brought to our attention that you have published images of official Ministry documents without appropriate permission. The punishments for contravening by-law 572a (revised April 2002) can range from a sharp ‘indian burn’ for unintentional inclusion (in backgrounds, blurry and partially obscured) to having your eyes sucked out by a goat with suspect dental hygiene for more deliberate publication in print or on the Interweb.

    Several of our burliest operatives have already been dispatched to South Yorkshire to discuss the matter calmly with you, in order to bring about a mutually satisfying resolution to this unfortunate situation.

    For the record, the Ministry cannot either confirm or deny that there are, were, or will every likely be, strangers of any description in our, or indeed, your lanes.

    The John Barleycorn affair was nothing to do us with either.

    Yours sincerely,

    Victor Spillage
    Area Under-Manager for Possibilities and Probabilities (Acting)
    The Ministry of Lestaret
    Eastern Office

    Please remember that the meek shall inherit the earth so don’t mess with the meek…


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