Four For The Future… Twice!

I must confess to being a bit of a cover whore when it comes to books, I suppose it’s an unavoidable side-effect of being a collector of vintage paperbacks that my library contains multiple copies of some titles. Sometimes this is because I have collected a uniform series to which a particular book belongs or is simply due to the fact that I have found an earlier edition of something I already own bearing equally wonderful cover art. Whatever the reason, I’m certainly not averse to spending a few more pounds on titles which already grace my shelves.

The following pair of books are a little odd as they belong in neither of the above categories despite my initial belief that they were different printings of the same title, albeit presented with a slight numerical change. On closer inspection however I found that they were actually different anthologies published under the same name, a rather odd situation indeed.

4 For The Future

This first collection is edited by noted anthologist Groff Conklin and contains four novelettes, hence its title. It was published by Consul Books in 1961 and features a great Richard Powers cover montage which was originally used for the first printing in 1959;

4 Future Cover

4 Future Rear

Four For The Future

As soon as I saw the cover of this collection on eBay I clicked on the ‘buy it now’ button without any hesitation. How I could I pass up the chance of adding such a glorious piece of anatomical psychedelia to my collection? Published in the UK by Quartet in 1974, it contains two short stories from each of the four writers. The marvellous cover is by Patrick Woodroffe which, had the contents been awful (they aren’t) more than justified the ridiculously small sum I paid for it;

Four Future Cover

Four Future Rear


3 thoughts on “Four For The Future… Twice!

  1. forestpunk 13/07/2013 / 2:44 am

    did you read either of these? the Harry Harrison one looks fantastic! (the design would make a fantastic screen print, incidentally.)


    • unsubscriber 13/07/2013 / 11:02 am

      Thanks for your comment. I have indeed read these collections, both of which contain some excellent shorts although I prefer the Harry Harrison volume. I agree, the cover would look fantastic as a print. I’m just preparing a post on a number of other books which feature skulls as part of their cover design, you might want to have a look.


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