People called them BALDIES!

Mutant – Henry Kuttner, Mayflower Dell 1962

I’ve been picking up everything I can find by Henry Kuttner just recently after stumbling across a two volume collection of his short stories from 1966. There seems to have been quite a few Kuttner titles published by Mayflower Dell at around the same time, all with fabulously abstract covers by Jacks. This is an earlier collection of shorts which appeared in the forties and fifties but is assembled here as a novel. The book concerns itself with a race of mutants or ‘baldies’ and contains the following line on the rear cover;

So the baldies disguised themselves with wigs and waited for the day when there would be enough of them to stop their persecution by normal men!

Being a proud baldie myself, I had to grab this one – how could I let it pass? I look forward to finding out how the titular egg-headed mutants get on against their hirsute persecutors.

Mutant Kuttner Front

Mutant Kuttner Rear

2 thoughts on “People called them BALDIES!

  1. Postcard Cafe 01/09/2013 / 10:06 am

    Hi L, I love your photographs of the old books that you publish and you must be building a unique collection. Every time I see new photographs I wish there was a gallery of just the books! It would be nice to have a gallery page perhaps? Where just images are displayed and of course could be linked back to each post. The book covers are such a visual feast they would make a nice gallery. If your current blog theme doesn’t support a good photo gallery then maybe set up an auxilliary blog linked back to Unsubscriber? These are only suggestions to satisfy my appreciation of your great pics! Having had the thought I felt I should at least run it by you. Hope all is well, Best wishes, N


    • unsubscriber 01/09/2013 / 8:13 pm

      Thanks for the kind comments, I’ll have to think about doing an image only style viewer – there are too many back covers and other pictures on my blog for this to work at the moment. My library certainly is growing, I think I need some new shelves – and soon! All is good here thanks, busy in the new job but that goes without saying I suppose. Hope you’re keeping well too, great to hear from you N.


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