Underovary – Words Not Words

There are way too many words cluttering up our lives and complicating everything unnecessarily. Why use one word when several can be utilised instead? The Blogosphere is a vast slab of verbiage the size of Jupiter. I won’t add to their number unduly here but I had to write a few lines about a rather remarkable book which is full of words without meaning. It’s called Underovary and is the third instalment in a planned tetralogy of asemic novels by the extremely talented Christopher Skinner.

Each page of this volume is filled with lines of text. Letters forming words which extend into paragraphs and chapters which are punctuated by diagrams, ciphers, glyphs – shapes of indeterminate origin. None of it actually means anything specific but it all makes some kind of perfect sense.

After explaining the concept of asemic writing to Junior Unsubscriber recently she sat quietly leafing through pages, absorbed utterly for a full half hour. This is indeed a rare feat for an eleven year old when confronted with the printed word, especially these days.

Underovary is very highly recommended reading and can be purchased directly from Christopher’s blurb shop (here) along with the other two titles. He also writes a blog under the name of Lestaret (here) which details a variety of his artistic endeavours. Further examples of his mail art have been featured on these very pages and can be found here and here

Here are a few examples of text from the book, all images are copyright Lestaret 2013;

Underovary Cover





Many Thanks to Christopher/Lestaret for providing the rather fetching asemic blog header.


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