More Poul Anderson Cover Confusion

Last September, I published piece about a set of four Poul Anderson titles I had collected, all of which had covers which I found irritatingly amateurish yet confusingly intriguing. The full article can be read (here) but be warned, it does contain unaccountably odd images and some of the most awful typography known to man. I stated that I was at a loss as to why I liked these covers so much and that maybe the confusion they instilled within me was a major part of it.

Then, late one evening last week whilst browsing eBay another familiar piece of jacket art stared back at me from my iPad, taunting me to click the ‘Buy It Now’ button. I couldn’t help myself and so there it was, A fifth Poul Anderson title which belonged to the original uniform edition of design abominations which I assumed there were only four in number.

When the book arrived through the postbox, it proved to be as strangely confusing as the first four and so for the sake of completeness I thought I’d add it here. Makes me wonder how many more volumes were published as part of this series…

Beyond The Beyond published by Coronet in 1973, the artist is understandably uncredited.

Poul Beyond

And here’s a shot of all four books from the previous article – just in case your mind hadn’t successfully blotted them out;



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