More Mail Art From Lestaret

I think i’m probably the recipient of some of the best unsolicited mail in Yorkshire. Sure, I get my fair share of double glazing quotes, credit card application forms and bills but every now and then something really special turns up on my doormat which makes me smile. A couple of days ago, this very envelope was retrieved from the usual tangle of postal rubbish and I knew there would be a rare treat inside;



I always tend to put such envelopes to one side util I can give them my full and undivided attention, that moment didn’t arrive until Tuesday morning and so with hushed reverence I carefully split the top flap and gingerly removed the following item from within;


This is a beautifully handmade booklet fashioned by none other than the good Mr Lestaret (who blogs here by the way), that arch mail artist and self-styled purveyor of patented curiology.



The paper used throughout appears to have been constructed by pasting sheets of older leaves together and has a wonderfully satisfying tactility about it, particularly at the edges.



As with a good many other pieces of Mr Lestaret’s mail art, particularly his booklets it all means absolutely nothing… but also means everything.



The end product is all. The feeling and smell when holding a physical book in the hands means more than words can ever hope to convey. There is a sense of love about these objects within their plain brown envelopes, of passion and pride, of being brought into existence just to exist.

I’m extremely proud to know Mr Lestaret personally and eternally pleased to be a recipient of his unique brand of curiology. Long may it continue to arrive through my letterbox!



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