It’s A Hardback Life (Part One)

My library mainly consists of musty old vintage sci-fi paperbacks but I do have other collections within it. For example, I have shelves full of H.P. Lovecraft books, horror and the supernatural, modern classics and other genres of fiction and non-fiction. I hadn’t realised until carrying out some much needed housekeeping recently how many hardbacks I posses though and so I thought I’d dig out a few interesting covers to share. I’ve included six images here and will follow up this article in time with another half dozen;

The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

1965 – Doubleday Science Fiction Book Club
Cover art by Tom Chibbaro

01 Dick Three Stigmata

Parsecs And Parables by Robert Silverberg

1970 – Doubleday (first edition)
Cover art by Tim Lewis

02 Silverberg Parsecs And Parables

The Infinite Cage by Keith Laumer

1976 – Dennis Dobson
Cover artist uncredited

03 Laumer Infinite Cage

Singularity Station by Brian N. Ball

1974 – Sidgwick & Jackson
Cover artist uncredited

04 Ball Singularity Station

Who Needs Men? by Edmund Cooper

1972 – Hodder & Stoughton (first edition)
Cover art by Jefferson Godwin

05 Cooper Who Needs Men

To Live Again by Robert Silverberg

1969 – Doubleday
Covert art by Pat Steir

06 Silverberg To Live Again

5 thoughts on “It’s A Hardback Life (Part One)

  1. Joachim Boaz 06/06/2014 / 3:54 pm

    Unfortunately so many of my PKD novels are NOT the original old paperbacks but some horrid 90s/2000 reprint… (i.e. what I used my Barnes and Noble gift cards on when I was a kid.)

    Do have a very nice first hardback edition copy of PKD’s Galactic Pot-healer (1969)


    • unsubscriber 06/06/2014 / 4:08 pm

      That’s a great cover. I only have Three Stigmata in hardback though, the rest of my PKD collection is comprised of old paperbacks, mostly from the 60s & 70s. The latest round of reprints are just shockingly bad and hideously generic.


    • unsubscriber 07/06/2014 / 8:14 pm

      Glad you like it Mr Lestaret, I have it paperback too with a rather good cover by David Pelham.


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