Sandalmans Tabernacle T-shirts Now Available!

This morning I received my second package from Soddenham (website here), inside were two rather nifty Sandalmans Tabernacle T-shirts which have been produced to tie in with the imminent release of their debut Cassette (review here). It was my intention to get someone to model the shirts so I could take the photographs but things didn’t turn out that way so you’re stuck with me unfortunately!

The shirts are standard fit 100% cotton and can be bought here for £17.50 each so make your selection and show some support for Soddenham’s finest doom metal/folk band.

Shirt One
Band name logo on the front, cassette track list on the back;

Sandalmans T1 Front

Sandalmans T1 Back

Shirt Two
Band symbol on the front, band name logo on the back;

Sandalmans T2 Front

Sandalmans T2 Back


2 thoughts on “Sandalmans Tabernacle T-shirts Now Available!

  1. Lestaret 23/06/2014 / 8:35 pm

    Looking resplendent in those fine garments! I hope that plenty of people get them in time for the concert on the 16th – it would be really something to see the crowed bedecked in Sandalmans Tabernacle t shirts!

    Many thanks for your support!


    • unsubscriber 23/06/2014 / 8:39 pm

      Why thank you Mr Lestaret, I’m sure there’ll be quite a few in the crowd come the gig. I’m really liking them I have to say, top marks from me. I shall now be happily flying the Sandalmans Tabernacle flag around Rotherham & Sheffield!


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