A Scottish Haul

Last week I visited my good friend Mr Anderson and his rather wonderful family in Aberdeenshire. My trip has become a yearly fixture in both our calendars now as is a trip to Leakey’s bookshop in the city of Inverness. We called into the former Gaelic church located strangely enough on Church Street on Thursday after a stout lunch and began the serious business of browsing the hundreds of shelves crammed with books.

Leakey's 1

The building seems to made from books with shelving reaching up to a mezzanine floor (which also houses a cafe and coffee bar) and up to the roof. It’s a veritable treat for the eyes.

Leakey's 2

I was lucky enough to find almost a dozen titles which just had to be purchased, here are a few of my favourite covers;

Imagination Unlimited edited by F. Bleiler and T. E. Dikty
1966 – Mayflower-Dell
Cover art by Richard Powers

Bleiler & Dikty Imagination Unlimited

Twilight World by Poul Anderson
1964 – Panther
Cover artist uncredited

Anderson Twilight World

Toyman by E. C. Tubb
1973 – Arrow Books
Cover art by Chris Yates

Tubb Toyman

The Winged Man by A. E. van Vogt and E. Mayne Hull
1970 – Sphere
Cover artist uncredited

van Vogt The Winged Man

Who? by Algis Budrys
1964 – Penguin Books
Cover art by Raoul Hynckes

Budrys Who?

Beyond The Barrier by Damon Knight
1970 – Macfadden
Cover art by Jack Faragasso

Knight Beyond The Barrier

Then on Saturday prior to my return back to Rotherham, we visited Books and Beans on Belmont Street in Aberdeen which is a coffee shop, cafe and secondhand bookshop rolled into one. We ate breakfast, drank coffee and indulged in a little more browsing before wandering over to the train station. Once again, I was fortunate to find a few more titles to add to my Leakey’s selection and so here are a couple more covers;

The Other World by J. Harvey Bond
1964 – Mayflower-Dell
Cover art by Richard Powers

BB Bond The Other World

The Isotope Man by Charles Eric Maine
1959 – Corgi
Cover artist uncredited

BB Maine The Isotope Man

Night Of The Saucers by Eando Binder
1972 – Five Star (UK)
Cover art by John Cayea

BB Binder Night Of The Saucers

Operation Terror by Murray Leinster
1968 – Tandem
Cover artist uncredited

BB Leinster Operation Terror

Both shops are wonderful places to visit and spend some time in if you’re looking for books whilst in Scotland. I can’t recommend these places highly enough as there is nothing even remotely like them where I live. Let’s hope shops like these continue to grow and flourish in these harsh times as they surely deserve to.

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