Off The Shelf; Philip K. Dick

What can I write here about Philip K. Dick that hasn’t already been written by others? Nothing much I reckon so I won’t even begin to try. Dick has been something of a hero to me since buying my first novel some twenty odd years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have read by him and so it’s only fitting that I share some of my personal cache of favourites to start off this mini-series of articles.

Here are ten of my favourite PKD works, each adorned with a rather fabulous cover.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick
1970 – Dell
Cover art by Jones

PKD Ubik

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
1972 – Panther
Cover artist uncredited although I have a copy of The Müller-Fokker Effect by John Sladek with a very similar cover published by Panther in the same year with art credited to McInnery.

PKD Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

The Penultimate Truth
1978 – Triad Panther
Cover art by Peter Goodfellow

PKD The Penultimate Truth

Counter-Clock World
1967 – Sphere
Cover art by David Davies

PKD Counter-Clock World

The World Jones Made
1970 – Panther
Cover artist uncredited

PKD The World Jones Made

The Variable Man & Other Stories
1969 – Sphere
Cover artist uncredited

PKD The Variable Man

The Simulcra
1976 – Ace Books
Cover artist uncredited

PKD The Simulcra

The Zap Gun
1978 – Dell
Cover artist uncredited

PKD The Zap Gun

A Maze Of Death
1973 – Pan Books
Cover art by Ian Miller

PKD Maze Of Death

We Can Build You
1972 – Daw Books
Cover art by John Schoenherr

PKD We Can Build You


3 thoughts on “Off The Shelf; Philip K. Dick

    • unsubscriber 06/08/2014 / 9:18 pm

      Why thank you Mr Lestaret. I see what you mean about the last title.


  1. Richard Fahey 21/10/2017 / 1:22 pm

    An excellent display,I really enjoyed them.I have the same “The Penultimate Truth” one.I preferred the 1977 cover of “Counter-Clock World” that I own,to the David Davies one,but I don’t remember the artist.


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