Astounding Science Fiction Of The Future… From The Past

I stumbled across this magazine recently on a website where it was up for sale, as usual my eye was drawn to the cover. Eyeballs, surgical implements and a skull – what’s not to like? I was surprised to see how little it was up for and how reasonable the postage from the US was. All of these things served to sway me into making the purchase and a few weeks later it arrived at my home – by courier no less!

I was shocked when I realised that the issue was dated January 1949, something I completely overlooked as I was drooling over the cover. This is now officially the oldest piece of SF in my collection – a staggering sixty five years since publication!

The Magazine contains three novelettes including the cover advertised Private Eye by Lewis Padgett plus one each from J. A. Winter M.D. and Isaac Asimov. There are a couple of short stories, one of which is by Judith Merril and a factual article entitled ‘Modern Calculators’. There are also a few readers sections at the back too.

I’ve photographed the front cover as usual but also the back as it contains a great advertisement for carpentry and building guides. I’ve also included a few illustrations from the stories, two of which are fairly typical and somewhat comical but the others are excellent. I hope you enjoy this little slice of US Sci-Fi history;

Astounding Science Fiction edited by John W. Campbell, Jr.
1949 – Street & Smith Publications, Inc.
cover art by Rogers

Astounding Sci Fi Front Cover

Astounding Sci Fi Back Cover

Astounding Sci Fi Illustration 1

Astounding Sci Fi Illustration 2

Astounding Sci Fi Illustration 4

Astounding Sci Fi Illustration 3

Astounding Sci Fi Illustration 5


2 thoughts on “Astounding Science Fiction Of The Future… From The Past

  1. franzwesten 26/08/2014 / 9:21 am

    One picture is an early appearance of Jar Jar Binks! The alst few pics are great though, presumably it is a fairly dark story?

    I have been furiously posting artwork for various Fritz stories over at my site, some is just wonderful. I found this one recently, has a nice softness that I like as so much of the artwork in pin sharp.

    I have half considered setting up a blog for some of it as I have so many of these magazines where the artwork seems lost to most peoples eyes. I couldn’t resist buying a sixties issue of London Mystery magazine I saw on Friday due to the interior artwork.


    • unsubscriber 26/08/2014 / 10:15 am

      Glad you saw the Jar Jar Binks lookalike too! I love the pics you linked to over on your blog, very creative. You should set up another blog dealing with these mags, I’m sure you’d get plenty of interest – I love ’em!


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