A Badger Book On Sunday With The Reverend R. L. Fanthorpe, Chapter 19

Rev Fanthorpe Frame

Now then, it’s often said that you should never judge a book by it’s cover (which is something I’m all too guilty of by the way) but this week’s Badger pick should be a right rollicking tale judging by the artwork. It’s another John E. Muller effort, the work of our dear old Rev Fanthorpe along with fellow staff writers John S. Glasby and A. A. Glynn. That all important front tagline reads as follows;

An incredible and prophetic story of the ‘aliens’ who might, even now, be among us

A chilling thought indeed. But now back to that cover which depicts a fabulously startled astronaut wearing a fetching gold lamé ensemble with contrasting red accessories featuring stunning diamanté accents. The whole outfit is topped off with a classic goldfish bowl style glass domed helmet. It’s what all the on-trend space travellers will be wearing this season, you see if I’m not right.

Ok, so I’m judging again. Still, it’s a Badger book so I know exactly what kind of storyline I’m letting myself in for and that suits the sedentary pace of my Sunday just fine. Happy reading cosmonauts and I’ll catch up with you again during the next orbit in just seven of your earth days.

Alien by John E. Muller
(Serial Number SF61)
This version was published in 1961 by Badger Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Badger - Muller, Alien


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