The Strange Case Of G.O.G 666

I stumbled across this odd looking little gem by accident some weeks ago whilst trawling through my usual eBay suspects searching for books. I was particularly drawn to the striking cover, strange title and this intriguing subtitle/tagline combo;

Isn’t that the number in the apocalypse – the number of the beast?

Russian scientists go to inhuman lengths to plan a race of supermen

I’ve also included a shot of the back cover here too for its rather short but ominous blurb, I thought I’d share this recent acquisition with you and see what you made of it. I have a few Arrow books on my shelves but have never heard of John Taine before this came along, any thoughts?

G.O.G 666 by John Taine
This version was published in 1963 by Arrow Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Taine, G.O.G 666

Taine, G.O.G 666 (Back)

4 thoughts on “The Strange Case Of G.O.G 666

  1. Guy 11/11/2015 / 6:42 pm


    John Taine, the mathematician Eric Temple Bell wrote from the late 1920’s to the early 1950’s. His themes were time travel, lost worlds and evolution. I started collecting him after I found The Viking Portable Library, Novels of Science in a used book store. It is a hardcover published in 1945 and is considered one of the first SF anthologies. It contained his story Before the Dawn, scientists use a “televisor” to follow the antics of a T-Rex. I have a number of Fantasy Press copies of his works, lovely covers, including G.O.G 666. In Seeds of Life first published in 1931 a power plant worker is bitten by a radioactive black widow spider and becomes an evil superman. Plot struck me as a bit familiar when I read it. I also liked The Time Stream a convoluted but fun time travel romp. He really liked caveman and dinosaurs.

    All the best.

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    • unsubscriber 13/11/2015 / 11:12 am

      Thanks for your recollections and information on John Taine, sounds like I need to look into his other work a little deeper. I appreciate your knowledge Guy, thanks so much for sharing. All the best.


  2. lcmt 13/11/2015 / 1:29 am

    As soon as I saw this cover, Yeat’s poem “The Second Coming” came to mind. And when I saw the word “slouched” on the back cover, I thought, yep, the writer (or at least the blurb-writer) is thinking of Yeat’s rough beast slouching towards Babylon.

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    • unsubscriber 13/11/2015 / 11:16 am

      Thanks for sharing this Lin, I’m not familiar with Yeats’ poem so I’ll go and look it up now. All the best x

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