Ace On Sunday #5

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This Sunday, I’m making a fresh trip to the unsubscriber library shelves to choose a new Ace Double for the next few weeks of weekend reading. My random selection has resulted in a pair of titles which were both penned by G. C. Edmondson, the first of which is a collection of shorts titled Stranger Than You Think. Let’s have a look at the tagline;

Things from space, things from time…

Intriguing stuff to be sure. This book contains a total of seven short stories by Edmondson which are sometimes referred to as his ‘Mad Friend’ series of improbable tales related to the author by an associate who experienced many bizarre happenings.

The Jack Gaughan cover art is another fine example of his work, it features a fully suited astronaut complete with glass fishbowl style helmet against a series of planets in increasing shadow. I particularly like the font used for the title and the way it is contained within the largest of the planets.

I’m looking forward to reading this collection immensely and so I’ll stop typing here so I can immerse myself in the strange tales of Mr Edmondson’s mad friend. I hope that you’ll join me here again next Sunday to find out what title graces the reverse of this omnibus when I’ll reveal more fantastic vintage SF artwork. Let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying this series so far and share your thoughts, they’re always appreciated.

Stranger Than You Think by G. C. Edmondson
(Serial Number M-109)
This version was published in 1965 by Ace Books
The cover artist is Jack Gaughan

M-109 Stranger Than You Think by G. C. Edmondson


5 thoughts on “Ace On Sunday #5

  1. John C Nash 07/02/2016 / 12:18 pm

    I’m very much enjoying these Ace covers. Isn’t that a beautiful design, with the repeated circle motif and, as you say, the font following the curves? Splendid stuff, Mr. Scriber.


    • unsubscriber 07/02/2016 / 12:51 pm

      I’m pleased to hear that you’re enjoying this series so much Mr Nash, I thought they’d make great blog posts due to the fantastic covers which were almost always produced by name artists of the day. The design of this cover is very visually appealing I think due to the colours used, the arrangement of the repeating elements and the placement of the title. Lots more Ace Doubles to come my friend so I hope you’ll join me in the coming weeks. All the very best to you and Ms Webster.

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  2. Guy 12/02/2016 / 5:33 pm


    I enjoyed your previous selection, “I Speak for Earth”. I thought that Brunner/Woodcott did a great job of changing up the earth representative concept from Brown’s Area or Clifford’s speech from Have Spacesuit Will Travel. I did wish he had spent more time among the aliens and the ending almost seemed truncated. I wondered if he simply ran up against the Ace Double length quota. But I also felt the last twist was quite effective. A really solid work that I just wish was a bit longer and more developed. Despite a large collection of Ace Doubles I do not have M-109, I did make a quick trip to the used book store, and picked up 11 more but no “Stranger Than You Think” I am interested in what you think of it.

    All the best

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    • unsubscriber 18/02/2016 / 11:16 am

      Thanks for your comment Guy, I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed the last Ace Double – I Speak For Earth. I too felt that the ending was a little rushed but overall was quite entertained by the story. Stranger Than You Think was excellent, a collection of seven shorts outlining the adventures of the author and his ‘mad friend’ who encounters all manner of weird goings on. I thoroughly recommend picking it up if you do come across the book as it was fairly unique in its approach and proved to be an excellent read. It’s great to know that my own humble weekend weekend efforts have spurred you on to seek out more of these fantastic books for yourself. Happy reading my friend, see you next Sunday for another Ace Double.


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