Ace On Sunday #6

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It’s Sunday once again and I’m finding myself completely settled in my new routine of working through the Ace Double library shelves. Last weekend I chose serial number M-109 which contained two titles which were both penned by US author G. C. Edmondson and began with the short story collection Stranger Than You Think (here). This week, it’s time to flip the book over and read the second novel which is titled The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream.

There isn’t a tagline on this cover so I’ll include these nuggets from the inside cover blurb;

“Ensign Joe Rate, captain of the experimental Navy yawl Alice, figured that everything that could happen to him in one day had already happened. First, after a freak electrical storm at sea the Alice had somehow been thrown a thousand years backwards in time, and it looked like they were stranded in the past.

Then there was the voluptuous barbarian girl they’d saved from captivity – her presence on board a ship full of normal sailors wasn’t likely to lessen the problems of the situation.

Then he saw the four Viking raiding ships bearing straight for him, and in a few minutes the first spear thunked into the Alice’s foredeck.”

The brooding Jack Gaughan cover illustration shows the Alice being struck by lightning amidst the aforementioned electrical storm as an unsavoury cast of historical warriors loom menacingly above the stricken vessel.

This tale sounds like it has all the elements of a fine time-travelling and decidedly purplish yarn so I’ll dive straight in. Join me here again next Sunday when I’ll be making a new choice of Ace Double book from my library to share with you. I hope that this cover meets with your approval, please do drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream by G. C. Edmondson
(Serial Number M-109)
This version was published in 1965 by Ace Books
The cover artist is Jack Gaughan

The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream by G. C. Edmondson


2 thoughts on “Ace On Sunday #6

  1. fromcouchtomoon 14/02/2016 / 1:33 pm

    The Ship that Sailed the Time Stream is on my reading list this year. Will be reading it soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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