Ace On Sunday #9

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I’ve been enjoying this weekend trip across the library shelves which house my Ace Doubles, it’s proving to be a wonderful substitute for last year’s Badger titles that became a regular fixture of my Sunday reading. This week I’ve selected a book which was originally published some fifty eight years ago and is understandably a little bit fragile.

The first novel I’ll be tackling from serial number D-291 was penned by Robert Silverberg under the pseudonym Calvin M. Knox and bears the following tagline;

Only a few believed that the Earth still existed

The moody cover painting by Ed Valigursky shows the protagonist Hallam Navarre exploring a dimly lit corridor and shining his torch on a chamber containing a blonde woman clad in a fetching pink all-in-one. I’m convinced I’ve seen this cover used on another book as was often the practice during this period, I seem to think it was a Badger title so I must have a rifle through my shelves later on.

Let’s see what happens to Mr Navarre on his strange journey and find out who the mysterious woman in pink is. I hope that you’re enjoying this series of covers, please do share your thoughts in the comments. Come back next Sunday when I’ll be flipping this book over to find out what’s on the other side, happy reading in the meantime.

Lest We Forget Thee, Earth by Calvin M. Knox
(Serial Number D-291)
This version was published in 1958 by Ace Books
The cover artist is Ed Valigursky

D-291 Lest We Forget Thee, Earth by Calvin M Knox


6 thoughts on “Ace On Sunday #9

  1. admiral.ironbombs 06/03/2016 / 8:59 pm

    I remember reading this one a few years ago, and found it recklessly fast-paced but a fun adventure… “Calvin Knox” is actually a young Robert Silverberg. And you’re right, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that cover used on another book.

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    • unsubscriber 10/03/2016 / 5:20 pm

      Thanks for the comment Admiral, I didn’t know that the Know character was a young Silverberg. I’m also pleased to hear that you think you’ve seen this cover elsewhere too, I haven’t found it anywhere in my library as yet and thought I might be losing it somewhat! All the best.


  2. John C Nash 06/03/2016 / 10:51 pm

    Another wonderful cover, my friend. And, I know it’s becoming a bit of a mantra of mine, but . . . Man alive! What a typeface on that title!!

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    • unsubscriber 10/03/2016 / 5:27 pm

      Thanks as always for your kind words Mr Nash, I’m particularly happy to hear that I managed to tickle your typeface buds once again with this cover. I’m always on the lookout for good examples these days, a great font can really elevate a book cover to top drawer status. I’ll see what I can do for you in the weeks ahead old chum. All the best.

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  3. Guy 07/03/2016 / 10:48 pm


    The last selection was interesting. I found Heros a bit of a drag, similar to the more annoying of Piers Anthony Xanth books. Alice I enjoyed, It reminded me of Silverlocke by John Myers Myers, and some titles by Simak. Lundwall also published a book called “Science Fiction: What It’s All About” which I have so I guess I should give it a try as well.

    I am looking forward to “Lest We Forget Thee, Earth”. This project of yours has already helped open my eyes to the wide range of SF that was published in the Ace Doubles format. I have mainly concentrated on my favourite authors up until now.

    Happy Reading

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    • unsubscriber 10/03/2016 / 5:41 pm

      Hey there Guy, thanks as always for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I can’t help but see you as a fellow traveller on my quest to explore the wider world of Ace Doubles, it’s good to have your company my friend. Heroes was probably the weakest of the novels I’ve read so far, I suppose you have to sit through a few turkeys when undertaking a project like this. I did enjoy Alice far more though. Must keep an eye open for that Lundwall book you mentioned too, sounds intriguing. I’m pleased to hear that my humble Sunday reading schedule has spurred you on to explore these great little books a little further, it’s something that makes the rather lonely task of writing a blog very worthwhile. Hope to see you again for the next selection and look forward to hearing your thoughts as always, best wishes.


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