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New music coming January 2017


Audio Sequence, May 2016

May 2016 Mix Cover

The past month or so has been a particularly busy time for me but that hasn’t stopped the music from playing. Quite the opposite in fact, I’m always looking for a soundtrack when I’m working or travelling so  there’s been a decent pool of tracks to act as source material for the May audio sequence.

You’ll find the majority of this month’s mix is instrumental and has a fairly strong bias towards the experimental and cosmic end of the prog & jazz spectrums. I find that these types of music actually help me to relax and concentrate which is the opposite kind of reaction that I usually get from Junior Unsubscriber! Whatever your initial thoughts, give this one a try and see if any of the included tracks or interludes change your mind.

To access your own free copy of this rather tasty set, click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the Mediafire file share site where your download will commence. Unzip the file, throw it into your computer or mp3 player of choice and enjoy…

May 2016 Mix Download Link

Last Month’s audio sequence is also still available for download below and despite being culled from my late 70s/early 80s post punk rarities collection was massively popular in Saint Kitts and Nevis for some odd reason!

April 2016 Mix Download Link

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Audio Sequence, April 2016

Unsubscribed Audio Sequence April 2016

April arrives early at unsubscribedblog! I’ve spent quite some time this past month digging through old photographs, posters, cassettes and other ephemera from my teenage years following a number of conversations on social media. It’s been quite a revelation, especially listening back to the cache of long forgotten music which I’ve now converted into mp3 files for ease of use. It’s this collection of recordings that I’ve decided to draw on for my latest audio sequence in the hopes of either reawakening some memories or introducing new listeners to the sounds which informed a large part of my formative years during the late 1970s and 1980s.

It’s been particularly challenging at times as most of these tracks were unlabelled and unfortunately my advancing age has greatly affected my powers of total recollection. It’s just as well that these tunes don’t really need band names or a release year to shine, they manage to sound as thrilling as they did when I first heard them. I had so much fun compiling this one that I may well turn to another teenage musical passion for future inspiration so if you’re a fan of prog rock and its many facets then stay tuned!

To obtain your own completely gratis copy of this sonic time capsule simply click on the link below to download the file. Feel free to share your thoughts on this months audio sequence in the comments and do let me know what you spent your teens listening to at impossibly high volumes in your bedroom night after night.

April 2016 Mix Download Link

My audio sequence from March is also still available via the link below and comes highly recommended for more experimentally minded thrill seekers. Downloads from South Korea in particular were absolutely through the roof! I’ve received an email from a reader stating that this mix is being used prominently as part of the anti-North DMZ broadcast campaign to unsettle residents at nearby military installations.

February 2016 Mix Download Link

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Ace On Sunday #12

Ace Double Header

Last Sunday, I selected a new Ace Double book from the unsubscriber library shelves and spent a very pleasant day in the company of Brian M. Stableford (here). Today I’m turning over the book and reading Seed Of The Dreamers by Emil Petaja. I must confess that my only other experience of Petaja’s work has been through an Ace Double so I’m not particularly familiar with his oeuvre.

The inside cover blurb leads me to think that this novel may well be a somewhat pulpish romp;

Brad Mantee, starcop on the galaxy’s rim, was on a routine mission when everything started to go wrong. His perfect record with Star Control, the vast network of galactic dictatorship, slipped suddenly into oblivion as he found himself in hot pursuit of the madman who had stolen his ship and with it, the secret that could cost him his career – at the very least.

Unfortunately, Brad’s best chance was through the madman’s daughter, a girl from the one organization Star Control most detested. Their search led them ultimately to a primitive and uncharted planet where fiction became fact and dreams became flesh, but where also lurked a threat of universal slavery more total than man had ever known…

The Gray Morrow cover artwork is not as psychedelically inclined as Jack Gaughan’s piece on the flip side of the book but does feature some lovely touches like the geometric curves and speckled background. Of course I have to add extra points for the inclusion of the gun-toting mechanoid.

Ok then Brad, let’s see what you’ve got old chap! I shall be here as usual next Sunday to share my latest Ace Double selection so do please join me then. If you have any thoughts about today’s novel of this series in general, feel free to share them in the comments.

Seed Of The Dreamers by Emil Pataja
(Serial Number 06707)
This version was published in 1970 by Ace Books
The cover artist is Gray Morrow

06707 - Seed Of The Dreamers by Emil Petaja

Audio Sequence, March 2016

March 2006 Mix Cover

My listening habits over the past month have been mainly shaped by the arrival of two fine new LPs from Subtext label boss Paul Jebanasam (Continuum) and former Vex’d founder Roly Porter (Third Law). Both these albums have been on heavy rotation here for some weeks now at unsubscriber towers and I have to say I’m torn between deciding which one is my favourite although as it stands, both are candidates for my album of 2016 award. I can recommend both LPs highly to the more adventurous listener.

Because of the distinctly ‘challenging’ nature of both these recordings, I have found myself frequenting the more experimental sections of my music library for this month’s source material. What I ended up with was a collection of mainly electronic experiments with some avant jazz, drone and tape manipulations thrown in for good measure. Because of the resulting thematic nature of the finished audio sequence I have subtitled this mix Faulty Electronics.

What you’ll get after downloading the file and loading it into your media player of choice is an eighty minute sonic tapestry designed to provoke, confound, confuse, surprise and create a multitude of different mood states along the way. I’m not saying that your journey will be an easy one this month but I can guarantee that it will ultimately be a rewarding experience.

Feel free as always to drop me a comment after listening and let me know your thoughts.

March 2016 Mix Download Link

Last month’s audio sequence is still available below and is recommended for those of you with a more psychedelic outlook, it has been downloaded many times by the inhabitants of Trondheim in Norway who clearly can’t get enough of this whacked out stuff!

February 2016 Mix Download Link

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Audio Sequence, February 2016

Unsubscribed Audio Sequence Feb 2016

Post updated with new links

This past month has seen me digging deeper into my large collection of psychedelic LPs and so I thought I’d use this exploration as a basis for my February audio sequence. Unlike last month’s mix, this one has a more thematic flow being sourced from a single set of influences which I hope you’ll enjoy just as much.

I’ve chosen lesser known examples of this fine genre and have included tracks recorded by bands from the UK and US in addition to countries not usually associated with this movement such as Spain, Italy, Brazil, France and Turkey.

Once again I’ve decided not to include a tracklist, preferring to let the music to speak for itself instead. So just hit up the link below to download the mp3 file, throw it onto your computer or player of your choice and let the resulting sounds massage your temples.

Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any queries about my choice of tracks. I’ll be back in March with the next instalment of this series.

February 2016 Download Link

Last month’s audio sequence enjoyed a great deal of attention, particularly in Singapore and is still available to download from the following link;

January 2016 Download Link

Audio Sequence, January 2016

Unsubscribed Audio Sequence January 2016

Last year I listened to an awful lot of music but, looking back through my posts I don’t feel like I wrote much to reflect that fact. I suppose it’s quite a tough proposition to write meaningfully about albums that you’re currently playing, there are so many variables involved. I’m always mindful of the back story of the bands who recorded such brilliant albums but don’t want to get unduly bogged down in providing an in-depth bio as I find it can often distract from what you’re actually listening to. Then of course, you have to tread a very fine line between simply describing the sounds that you’re hearing and lapsing into clumsy, ponderous metaphor.

So, in a bid to tackle such issues in a more helpful and ultimately useful way for you, the reader, I have decided to lovingly craft a handy mix of tracks that have been in heavy rotation here at Unsubscriber Towers in the recent past. This way, you’ll be able to download a carefully chosen sequence of sonic nuggets to play in the privacy of your own home and review it for yourself rather than have me blather on about some music you can’t actually hear. I’ll attempt to create a new audio sequence each month for you to download and possibly even enjoy.

This month’s mix contains sixty six minutes of wilful oddness, brooding ambience, free jazz freakouts, post-punk flourishes, vocal gymnastics, prog-rock manoeuvres and a cracking psychedelic punk cover version to close the set. Bands featured are as geographically diverse as Hungary, Israel, Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan and of course the UK. I’ve decided not to include tracklist for these sequences as I sometimes create my own edits, remixes and loops in addition to utilising sounds or sources I have recorded myself. It can get a little messy at times highlighting what I’ve used and where. Let me know what you think of this decision in the comments, if you feel such a lack of information detracts from your listening pleasure then I’ll certainly think about changing my approach over the coming months.

So, hit up the link below and throw the resulting file into your computer or MP3 player of choice before sitting back to bathe in an hour of pure sonic stimulation. Your feedback is more than welcome so please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

January 2016 Download Link

You might also enjoy my Rural Weird mix from last year which is rather strangely enjoying a bewilderingly high degree of success in Uzbekistan according to my latest stats. See what all the fuss is about for yourself!

Rural Weird Download Link