More Digital Digits

Back in April & May of this year I produced a series of six articles featuring covers from titles published by Digit Books, the science fiction imprint of Brown Watson Ltd. I covered a number of themes across these posts from spaceships to astronauts and beyond but still had a couple of books remaining at the end. I’ve since picked up several more of these rather fantastic books and so I thought I’d round them all up into an addendum post for your enjoyment.

Here then are four additional Digit Books which have since been added to my collection along with the remaining two from the previous series. I hope that you enjoy these covers as much as the original run of Digital Digits. Please feel free to comment and like as usual.

Project Jupiter by Fredric Brown
(Serial Number D173)
This version was published in 1958 by Digit Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Digit - Brown, Project Jupiter

Islands In The Sky by Arthur C. Clarke
(Serial Number R802)
This version was published in 1963 by Digit Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Digit - Clarke, Islands In The Sky

The Changeling Worlds by Kenneth Bulmer
(Serial Number R758)
This version was published in 1963 by Digit Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Digit - Bulmer, The Changeling Worlds

Once In Time by Peter Dagmar
(Serial Number R746)
This version was published in 1963 by Digit Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Digit - Dagmar, Once In Time

Equator by Brian W. Aldiss
(Serial Number R533)
This version was published in 1961 by Digit Books
The cover artist is uncredited

Digit - Aldiss, Equator

Who Speaks Of Conquest by Lan Wright
(Serial Number R742)
This version was published in 1963 by Digit Books
The cover artist is credited as Adams

Digit - Wright, Who Speak of Conquest


A Little Gem From Corgi Books

I spotted this little gem on Ebay a few days ago and being a bit of a fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s work decided to pick it up as it was going for only a couple of quid. It arrived yesterday in the post and what a dinky little thing it is too, measuring as it does 16cm by 10.5cm making it a good centimetre shorter than standard paperback size.

The covers are great too with their two-tone block colour scheme, rocketships and molecular graphics – very fifties! I liked it so much that I thought I would sneak in an extra post this week and share it with you dear readers, hope you like it too. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The Sands Of Mars by Arthur C. Clarke
This version was published in 1958 by Corgi Books
The cover artist is John Richards

Clarke, The Sands Of Mars

The Sands Of Mars - Back

Twelve More Richard Powers Covers

A few weeks ago I published a two part article on the cover artwork of Richard Powers (here and here) and was amazed by the number of books I had on my shelves bearing covers by Powers. I narrowed down my selection ruthlessly for the articles but still had a pile of books left over with stunning cover art. I’ve also had a couple more titles through the post with amazing Powers art and so I decided to post one more article covering the remainder of my original selection plus a few of these newly acquired titles. Here then are a dozen more Richard Powers covers;

Indoctrinaire by Christopher Priest
1971 – Pocket Books

1 Priest Indoctrinaire

3 From Out There edited by Leo Margulies
1960 – Panther

2 Anthology 3 From Out There

Away And Beyond by A. E. van Vogt
1959 Berkley Books

3 van Vogt Away And Beyond

Time Out For Tomorrow by Richard Wilson
1962 – Ballantine Books

4 Wilson Time Out For Tomorrow

Expedition To Earth by Arthur C. Clarke
1953 – Ballantine Books

5 Clarke Expedition To Earth

Strangers From Earth by Poul Anderson
1961 – Ballantine Books

6 Anderson Strangers From Earth

Mortals And Monsters by Lester Del Rey
1965 – Ballantine Books

7 Del Rey Mortals And Monsters

The Reefs Of Earth by R. A. Lafferty
1968 – Berkley Medallion

8 Lafferty The Reefs Of Earth

Preferred Risk by Edson McCann
1962 – Dell

9 McCann Preferred Risk

Outpost Mars by Cyril Judd
1954 – Dell

10 Judd Outpost Mars

43,000 Years Later by Horace Coon
1959 – Panther

11 Coon 43'000 Years Later

Star Surgeon by James White
1963 – Ballantine Books

12 White Star Surgeon