Ace On Sunday #14

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It’s time to flip over the Ace Double book I randomly selected from the shelves last week and find out which title I’ll be spending my usual lazy Sunday reading. The title of today’s novel is Destination: Saturn by David Grinnell & Lin Carter. Turning the cover reveals the following blurb printed on the inside page;

In his own way, Ajax Calkins was a modest man. Modestly Wealthy – he was just a multi-billionaire. Modestly ambitious – he only wanted a world of his own. Modestly cooperative – he’d let the rest of the universe alone if they would let him alone.

And he did have a world of his own, too. The strange planetoid Ajaxia with its load of pre-asteroidal science was all his – and even Earth recognised that, provided they could come to an agreement.

But it was the sneaky Saturnians that were upsetting his applecart. Rather than make a deal, they fabricated their own Ajax Calkins, set him up, and walked off with Ajaxia.

That was the sort of thing sure to make Ajax lose his modesty – and set off after his kidnapped world single-handed – with the rest of the Earth-Mars fleet too many million miles in the rear!

I suspect that this one may well turn out to be a ‘romp’, a theory supported by the rather comical Kelly Freas cover featuring the somewhat regally attired Ajax Calkins standing next to his Saturnian imposter.

But now to read and learn how this farcical scenario plays out. If you’ve enjoyed the cover from this wonderful vintage novel then feel free to come back next Sunday when I’ll choose another Ace Double from the library of the unsubscriber. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as always.

Destination: Saturn by David Grinnell & Lin Carter
(Serial Number H-85)
This version was published in 1968 by Ace Books
The cover artist is Kelly Freas

Destination Saturn by David Grinnell & Lin Carter