Gimme Head

After taking such a long break from blogging, it seems only logical to piece together another bumper theme based on cover art due to the large number of books which have been pushed through my letterbox in the intervening period. I was flicking through my library for a few more covers featuring human skulls during the weekend for a continuation of an earlier piece (here) but kept coming across books with whole heads on them and so that’s where I’ll take my cue from. Here’s the chosen selection;

The Whole Man by John Brunner
1970 – Ballantine
A great piece of cover art from Steele Savage to begin with gracing this fine repress of Brunner’s 1964 novel. Not only does the design feature the head of protagonist Gerald Howson, but his cranium is filled with thirteen other heads whose faces stare out unblinkingly at the reader.

Brunner Whole

When They Come From Space by Mark Clifton
1964 – Four Square
One of only three novels by Mark Clifton, this book was recently purchased from a lady who lives on a narrowboat. I initially thought the cover was by Richard Powers but it is sadly uncredited in the book and I can’t find any further clues as to its creator.

Clifton Space

Clone by Richard Cowper
1974 – Quartet
This rather strange image is uncredited in the book but I have read on a SF forum that it could possibly be the work of Jim Burns – although personally I have my doubts. It’s a great painting all the same.

Cowper Clone

The Furious Future by Algis Budrys
1966 – Panther
More uncredited artwork on this great collection. This time the head appears to be materialising from inside some kind of giant psychedelic waffle. Superbly odd.

Budrys Future

The Lost Perception by Daniel F. Galouye
1968 – Corgi
Yet another uncredited piece which has been suggested by one of my knowledgable readers is the work of Josh Kirby, (thanks Bernie!) The cover painting serves to illustrate the effects of an alien epidemic know as ‘the screamies’, or to quote from the rear cover;

“Exploding in a man’s mind in a searing blast of noise and heat… the victims dying in a rigid paroxysm of pain…” This novel was renamed A Scourge Of Screamers for its final reprinting later the same year.

Galouye Perception

Keep The Giraffe Burning by John Sladek
1977 – Panther
A fantastic collection of short stories from one of my current favourite authors which has a brilliantly bizarre cover painting by the always intriguing Peter Goodfellow.

Sladek Giraffe

Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? – Robert Sheckley
1974 – Daw
This excellent collection of Sheckley shorts features supremely twisted head-related artwork by Hans Arnold and came to me in ‘as new’ condition from a book dealer based in Sydney

Sheckley Feel Anything

Rogue Moon by Robert Budrys
1973 – Arrow
Featured on another Budrys title, this final piece of art is not exactly a human head but rather a glass simulacra which begins on the back cover and continues over the spine and onto the front forming a very trippy wraparound photo montage. This striking design is the work of Chris Yates.

Budrys Rogue Moon


Eight Clifford D. Simak Covers

I have been enjoying the work of Mr Clifford Donald Simak immensely of late. Whilst browsing through Simak’s books in my library a few days ago, I was struck by how many of them had great covers, some of which were created by my favourite designers and so I thought I’d share a few of them here;

Time And Again – 1967, Penguin
A rather psychedelic piece by Alan Aldridge who would later produce LP covers and illustrations for a variety of bands amongst his other design work.

Simak Time and Again

Cosmic Engineers – 1969, Paperback Library
Although uncredited in the book, this rather striking cover has been identified as the work of Richard Powers.

Simak Cosmic Engineers

All The Traps Of Earth And Other Stories – 1963, Macfadden
Another uncredited Richard Powers cover although his signature can just be seen in the top right hand corner of the black & white panel illustration.

Simak Traps of Earth

Why Call Them Back From Heaven? – 1970, Ace
Once again, the artwork is not credited in the book. This is however an expanded version of 1968 cover which is credited to Leo and Diane Dillon.

Simak Call Back Heaven

Way Station – 1969, Macfadden
A great little oddity which is credited to Jack Faragasso on the back cover.

Simak Way Station

Destiny Doll – 1973, Sidgwick & Jackson
Wonderfully strange wraparound art which is uncredited but has been identified as the work of Lucinda Cowell.

Simak Destiny Doll

The artists responsible for these last two covers are sadly unidentified but they are so brilliant that I couldn’t finish this piece without including them.

The Werewolf Principle – 1971, Pan
Any book that manages to combine anatomical and geometric designs deserves a place in my library.

Simak Werewolf Principle

The Night Of The Puudly – 1964, Four Square
This is possibly my favourite cover in this series and looks for all the world like a Gilbert and George piece.

Simak Puudly