Twelve More Richard Powers Covers

A few weeks ago I published a two part article on the cover artwork of Richard Powers (here and here) and was amazed by the number of books I had on my shelves bearing covers by Powers. I narrowed down my selection ruthlessly for the articles but still had a pile of books left over with stunning cover art. I’ve also had a couple more titles through the post with amazing Powers art and so I decided to post one more article covering the remainder of my original selection plus a few of these newly acquired titles. Here then are a dozen more Richard Powers covers;

Indoctrinaire by Christopher Priest
1971 – Pocket Books

1 Priest Indoctrinaire

3 From Out There edited by Leo Margulies
1960 – Panther

2 Anthology 3 From Out There

Away And Beyond by A. E. van Vogt
1959 Berkley Books

3 van Vogt Away And Beyond

Time Out For Tomorrow by Richard Wilson
1962 – Ballantine Books

4 Wilson Time Out For Tomorrow

Expedition To Earth by Arthur C. Clarke
1953 – Ballantine Books

5 Clarke Expedition To Earth

Strangers From Earth by Poul Anderson
1961 – Ballantine Books

6 Anderson Strangers From Earth

Mortals And Monsters by Lester Del Rey
1965 – Ballantine Books

7 Del Rey Mortals And Monsters

The Reefs Of Earth by R. A. Lafferty
1968 – Berkley Medallion

8 Lafferty The Reefs Of Earth

Preferred Risk by Edson McCann
1962 – Dell

9 McCann Preferred Risk

Outpost Mars by Cyril Judd
1954 – Dell

10 Judd Outpost Mars

43,000 Years Later by Horace Coon
1959 – Panther

11 Coon 43'000 Years Later

Star Surgeon by James White
1963 – Ballantine Books

12 White Star Surgeon