The Art Of The Sublime, Part Two

In the first part of this article (here) I spoke of my sometimes blinkered pursuit of underlying themes in cover artwork and a certain (partial) freedom from this in my ongoing series of open library posts. I still find myself connecting the artistic dots however and producing these thematically inclined articles. I can’t help myself, maybe I just have a deeply seated psychological aberration of some kind.

The whole point of this piece then was to simply ignore themes, connections or randomness and simply choose a series of covers whose artwork I would rate as outstanding. To me, These represent some of the best examples of period sci-fi cover art I have ever had the pleasure to come across. It’s perhaps worth noting here that I haven’t included any work by my favourite cover artist Richard Powers as he has been covered extensively elsewhere on this blog.

Enough of the waxing lyrical for now, what are your thoughts on my humble choices? What covers would you have selected for this list? You know where the comments are my friends…

Testament XXI by Guy Snyder
This version was published in 1973 by Daw Books
The cover artist is Kelly Freas
A somewhat Richard Powers styled rock formation looms in the foreground of this great Kelly Freas piece.

Snyder, Testament XXI

Born With The Dead – Robert Silverberg
This version was published in 1977 by Coronet Books
The cover artist is Jim Burns
I’m a sucker for the anatomical of course and this cover ticks all the right boxes for me.

Silverberg Born With The Dead

One Million Tomorrows by Bob Shaw
This version was published in 1971 by Ace Books
The cover artists are Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
More gorgeous psychedelics from the Dillon camp.

Shaw One Million Tomorrows

The Mutants by Kris Neville
This version was published in 1966 by Belmont Books
The cover artist is uncredited
Once again, it’s hard to believe that such a stunning piece as this should be left uncredited.

Neville The Mutants

The Silent Speakers by Arthur Sellings
This version was published in 1965 by Panther Books
The cover artist is uncredited
Another scandalously uncredited piece of fantastic artwork.

Sellings The Silent Speakers

Asylum Earth by Bruce Elliott
This version was published in 1968 by Belmont Books
The cover artist is Jerome Podwil

Elliott Asylum Earth