A Trio Of Silverbergs

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging of late and so the last post featuring book covers was published back in September. In the intervening period however my new, non-surly postman has been bringing me armfuls of wonderful vintage paperbacks – some of which I’ve even found time to read. I decided it was time to share some covers and thought this was a great collection to start with.

This uniform edition of three novels was published by Tandem in 1970 and 1971 so the covers share a common design theme and brilliant artwork, sadly none of which is credited. These are still on my ‘to read’ shelves so I can’t comment on the stories themselves but as any regular visitor to my blog knows, I like to leave the reviews to much better writers than I consider myself to be.

The first title presented here is my favourite, not just because of the cover painting (which is fantastic) but because it features a quote on the front of the book from my local Sheffield newspaper – the Sheffield Telegraph.

Silverberg Maze

Silverberg Hawksbill

Silverberg Time Hoppers